MechaTronix Kaohsiung Co, Ltd was set up in 2007 in Southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung as a holding with 3 shareholders grouping 5 existing mechanical parts manufacturers with the same end market but different production processes.

All of the 5 manufacturing plants where over 10 years in operation and focussed on the overseas OEM market.

MechaTronix’ ground breaking ModuLED coolers and its actively cooled sibling IceLED have garnered a lot of attention and positive reviews in the LED market. ModuLED and IceLED are just precursors of a complete range of dedicated and highly effective LED coolers for professional deployment in spotlights, downlights, high bays and a further score of architectural and utility LED applications.

With not only the primary processes like die casting, extrusion, forging and plastic injection in house, but also all secondary processes like CNC, grinding and cutting and tertiary processes like anodizing, painting and silk screen printing MechaTronix offers total mechanical solutions to their customers from various market fields.

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