DUCATI Energia owns its fame to the Ducati brothers who established DUCATI company in 1926; 22 years later, DUCATI was split in two other companies, DUCATI Elettrotecnica and DUCATI Meccanica (today DUCATI Motor).

DUCATI Energia was founded in 1985 due to the merge of DUCATI Elettrotecnica and Zanussi Elettromeccanica and nowadays it’s considered one of the most important company in the Bologna area.

DUCATI Energia Group assets a staff list of about 900 employees working in its 9 worldwide plants.
The main fields of activities are the following: capacitors, power factor correction and power electronics, wind power generators, alternators and ignition systems, electrical vehicles and charging stations, energy analysers, electric network tele-control systems, railway signalling systems, ticket issuing and transport automation systems.
From the above product offering EASBY Electronics focuses on

Lighting AC Capacitors
Lighting capacitors that are suitable to operate in harsh environment (up to 100°) and available both in plastic and in metallic case with overpressure safety device included.

Motor Run and Start AC Capacitors
Electric motor capacitors that are used for start and run and are available in plastic case (safety protection class P0 and P2) and in metallic case (P2). They are supplied with the main international approvals (IMQ-VDE-UL-GOST)