Update February 12th 2020

We continue to closely monitor the global situation and impact with regards to the Coronavirus ( now named Covid-19 )

Our thoughts continue to be with our friends, colleagues and all people in areas and countries affected by this virus.

Since our last update our teams at Easby and the Rebound Group have continued to keep in regular contact with our suppliers and freight forwarders. While some suppliers have returned to work as planned over the last couple of days, others are advising their return date has been moved to Feb 17th or still to be confirmed. This is in line with Government law to control and manage current situation. For companies that have returned to work, for some there is a reduced level of physical on site personnel and manufacturing levels will not yet be back to normal capacity. Freight forwarders are advising that there will be some impact and delay on movement of freight to the ports, airports and onward travel.

This situation continues to be extremely fluid and we will constantly review all information we gain from our supply partners , freight forwarders and Government announcements.

As always , we are committed to doing all to support you, our customers, at this time and we will continue to update as information becomes available.

Please don’t hesitate to call for any further clarification and/or support with any backlog or requirements.

January 30th 2020

We are sure you are aware of the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, that has been in the world-wide press since it was identified very early in January.

Whilst our first thoughts are with our friends, colleagues and all people in areas that are affected by this virus, we are also mindful that there will be concerns regarding supply chain impacts due to the containment strategies that are being implemented in China.

As already advised in the press, the Chinese government has placed travel restrictions within  many areas of China, and has also advised businesses to extend the Chinese New Year national holidays such that people should not return to work before February 10th.

At this point it is not clear if that date may change but we of course will monitor this closely with our manufacturers and supply chain partners, and will review any additional information we gain from Government announcements both UK and China.

We are currently reviewing your order books based on our UK stock position and regarding incoming stock currently in transit. From that we hope to help identify any possible gaps in supply as the situation in China develops.

As ever, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Easby for any further detail, support from UK Stock or sourcing within the Rebound Group.


Disclaimer –
Note: Whilst we endeavour to provide communication that is up to date and accurate information , we are relying on separate organisations such as our manufacturers and supply chain partners along with Governmental and Public organisation feedback for information. We cannot be held responsible for it’s accuracy and completeness.

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